Whittakers Chocolate Slabs

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Whittakers NZ Chocolate Slabs

A Whittaker's New Zealand favourite. It started with the peanut slab, made from “good honest chocolate” as we like to say. Now there are 6 different slabs to choose from, each one better than any other. Honest.

Whittaker's Chocolate NZ Slabs range includes :

  • Peanut Slab 50g
  • Peanut Slab Dark Chocolate 50g
  • Creamy Milk Slab 50g
  • NEW Hokey Pokey Crunch Slab 50g
  • Coconut Slab 50g
  • Almond Gold Slab 45g
  • Peanut Slab 3 Pack 150g
  • Creamy Milk Slab 3 Pack 150g
  • Almond Gold Slab 3 Pack 135g