Bluebird Potato Chips

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Bluebird Potato Chips New Zealand

Bluebird Potato Chips New Zealand

Bluebird potato chips sure have the big crispy crunch that Kiwis love!

Bluebird takes top quality, locally New Zealand grown potatoes, peels, slices and cooks them to perfection. They're then sprinkled with their special Bluebird seasoning to add an unbeatable flavor to every crunch.

Bluebird Potato Chips range includes :

  • *NEW* Bluebird Poppables 90g
  • Originals Salt & Vinegar 150g
  • Originals Ready Salted 150g
  • Originals Chicken 150g
  • Gluten Free Ready Salted 170g
  • Gluten Free Chicken 170g
  • Delisio Sweet Chill Relish 140g
  • Delisio Sea Salt 140g
  • Delisio Caramelised Onion & Balsamic Vinegar 140g
  • Delisio Mediterranean Feta & Herb 140g
  • Twisties 120g
  • Cheezels 120g
  • Rashuns 120g
  • Sour Cream & Chives 150g
  • Gluten Free Cheese & Onion 170g
  • Delisio Greek Tzatziki 140g
  • Burger Rings 120g
  • Thin Cut Salt & Vinegar 140g
  • Thin Cut Ready Salted 140g
  • Thin Cut Chicken 140g
  • Thin Cut Sour Cream & Chives 140g