Cadbury Chocolate Blocks

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Cadbury Chocolate Blocks


Cadbury Chocolate Blocks 

Cadbury - has remained a firm favourite for over a hundred years for its deliciously smooth, creamy taste & exotic flavours.

Large range of chocolate blocks. Including the classics, special editions, and blocks exclusive to NZ shelves. There is a flavour to suit everyone.

Cadbury Chocolate Block range includes :

  • *NEW* Dairy Milk with Pascall Snifters 170g
  • *NEW* Dairy Milk Neapolitan 178g
  • *NEW* Dairy Milk with Pascall Clinkers 170g
  • Caramilk Top Deck 175g
  • Dairy Milk Breakaway 180g
  • Caramilk 180g
  • Popcorn 170g
  • Crunchie 180g
  • Energy 180g
  • Oreo 162g
  • Top Deck 180g
  • Hazelnut 180g
  • Caramello 180g
  • Black Forest 180g
  • Turkish Delight 180g
  • Marvellous Creations 190g
  • Picnic 170g
  • Moro 175g
  • Mint Bubbly 160g
  • Roasted Almond 180g
  • Coconut Rough 180g
  • Hedgehog 170g
  • Pineapple Lumps 170g
  • Dream 180g
  • Bubbly Milk Chocolate 160g
  • Hazelnut Crunch 170g
  • Salted Caramel 180g


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