Cookie Time Bumper Range

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Cookie Time Bumper Range

Cookie Time - famous for its delicious cookies made in Christchurch, New Zealand. The bumper range is a great addition, introducing what is now a 'Classic" food in New Zealand dairies - the bumper bar. 

Cooke Time Bumper Range includes :

  • Apricot Chocolate Bumber Bar 75g
  • Wildberry Bumper Bar 75g
  • Banana Bumper Bar 75g
  • Raspberry White Chocolate Bumper Bar 75g
  • Double Chocolate Bumper Brownie 80g
  • Apricot Chocolate Bumber Bar 3pk 225g
  • Banana Bumper Bar 3pk 225g
  • Raspberry White Chocolate Bumper Bar 3 Pk 225g
  • Cranberry & Raspberry Bliss Balls 70g
  • Apricot & Almond Bliss Balls 70g
  • Cacao Vanilla Bliss Balls 70g
  • Salted Caramel Sticks 5pk 180g
  • Raspberry White Chocolate Sticks 5pk 180g
  • Apricot Sticks 5pk 180g


For the Cookie Time Cookie Range click here.



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