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Buy ETA Potato Chips New Zealand

ETA Potato Chips New Zealand

ETA potato chips are experts in the trade for over 80 years. ETA delivers what Kiwis crave. Mouth-watering chips!

ETA's delicious range has something to suit everyone, including some of NZ’s favourites like Eta Ripple Cut, Thick Cut, Uppercuts, Munchos and Cheese Balls.

ETA Potato Chips range includes :

  • Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar 140g
  • Sweet Chilli Relish 140g
  • Sea Salt 140g
  • Ripples Salt & Vinegar 150g
  • Ripples Chicken 150g
  • Ripples The Works 150g
  • Ripples Sour Cream & Chives 150g
  • Ripples Ready Salted 150g
  • Ripples Spring Onion 150g
  • Uppercuts American Burger 140g
  • Thick Cut Sea Salt 150g
  • Ripples Manuka Honey & Bacon 140g
  • Munchos Spicy Tomato 112g 8pk
  • Munchos Spicy Tomato 100g
  • Munchos Cheese & Onion 112g 8pk
  • Munchos Cheese & Onion 100g
  • Cheese Balls 120g
  • Cruncheese 130g
  • Uppercuts Tapas Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream 150g
  • Uppercuts Tapas Garlic & Feta 150g
  • Wasabi Mayo Potato Chips 140g
  • Hula Hoops 90g


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