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Griffins Bites Chocolate Biscuits

Griffins Bites Chocolate Biscuits

Bite sized versions of the big biscuits. So you get the same biscuit base, centre and chocolate, but in a smaller version.

Griffins Mallow Puff Bites - s'more like chocolate biscuit filled with light fluffy marshmallow on a shortcake biscuit covered in creamy chocolate.

Griffins Toffee Pop Bites - light biscuit base topped with toffee & chocolate. 

Griffins Squiggles Bites - hokey pokey nuggets sprinkled on a hokey pokey flavoured creme filled biscuit, covered in milk chocolate and finished off with squiggles.

Griffins Choc & Pink Iced Mini Donuts - chocolate or pink iced mini donut biscuits, a new taste added from the griffins range.