Griffins Crackers

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Griffins Crackers Range

Enjoy a box of Griffins crackers with friends & family. 

Griffins Meal Mates - sesame and poppy cracker that is a delectable savoury treat. Eat them plain or add your favourite topping for a more indulgent snack. They are ideal for snack platters, office gatherings and functions.

Griffins SNAX Crackers - flavour with the right amount of crunch! Proudly baked in NZ, Snax Crunches & original will give you the the full flavour & melt-in-your-mouth with it's texture of a cracker. 

Griffins Crackers range includes :

  • Original Meal Mates 230g
  • Vegetable Meal Mates 230g
  • Snax Original 250g
  • Snax Original 135g
  • Snax Water Crackers 250g
  • Crunches Salt & Vinegar 160g
  • Crunches Chicken 160g
  • Crunches Sour Cream and Chives 160g
  • Crunches Cheese and Onion 160g
  • Crunches Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream 160g