Nestle Chocolate

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Nestle Chocolate

We have all the classic products by Nestlé New Zealand. Including scorched almonds, milky bar whirl, kit-kat, and more.

"The milky bars are on me" is almost like a nursery rhyme for kiwis from the 90s.

Smarties chocolate pieces are like little chocolate clouds that carry you back to your childhood.

Nestle Chocolate range includes :

  • *NEW* Aero Caramel Gold 118g
  • *NEW* Smarties Chocolate Block 180g
  • *NEW* Milky Bar Gold 170g
  • *NEW* Kit-Kat Dark Chocolate Southern Australian Orange 170g
  • *NEW* Kit-Kat Dark Chocolate Tasmanian Mint 170g
  • *NEW* Kit-Kat Caramel Crisp 170g
  • *NEW* Kit-Kat Dark Chocolate Ecuador & Cote D'Iviore 170g
  • Milky Bar Cookies 180g
  • Milkybar Whirl 170g
  • Scorched Almonds (Milk Chocolate) 240g
  • Scorched Almonds (Dark Chocolate) 240g
  • Rolo 200g
  • Aero Hot Chocolate 10pk 155g
  • Kit-Kat Gold 170g
  • Kit-Kat Dark Chocolate (Limited Edition) 170g
  • Kit-Kat Honeycomb Smash 170g
  • Kit-Kat Double Cookies & Cream 170g
  • Kit-Kat Mint Choc Chip 170g
  • Milky Bar Hot Chocolate 10pk 155g


For the Nestle chocolate bars click here.

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