Nestle Drinks & Breakfast

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Nestle Products from New Zealand

Nestle Drinks & Breakfast

We have all the classic products by Nestlé New Zealand. Including Milo, Reduced Cream for Kiwi Dip, Nesquick, and more.

Milo is synonymous with making kiwi kids stronger. We always enjoyed cold milky milo in summer and heated it up for winter.

The Original Kiwi Dip Recipe

If you want to make some incredible original New Zealand dip then check out The Original Kiwi Dip Recipe  here. This is the most famous and iconic potato chip dip in New Zealand. 

Nestle range includes :

  • Milo 310g
  • Milo 530g
  • Milo Breakfast Cereal 700g
  • Milo Duo Breakfast Cereal 340g
  • Milo Snack Bars with Milk 160g
  • Nesquick Breakfast Cereal 650g
  • Nesquick Strawberry 250g
  • Nesquick Chocolate 250g
  • Reduced Cream 250ml
  • Milky Bar Hot Chocolate 10pk 155g
  • Aero Hot Chocolate 10pk 155g