Sanitarium Breakfast Cereal

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Sanitarium Breakfast Cereal

Sanitarium is a leading breakfast brand in New Zealand serving Kiwiana classics for over 100 years.

Weet Bix - New Zealands No.1 breakfast seller. Weet Bix is packed full of 97% wholegrain goodness, good source of iron & vitamins B1, B2 and B3 to help release the energy you need to kick-start your day. The essentials for a balanced diet.

Sanitarium Breakfast Cereal Range includes :

  • Regular Weetbix 375g
  • Regular Weetbix 750g
  • Regular Weetbix 1.2kg
  • Gluten Free Weetbix 375g
  • Gluten Free Cinnamon & Coconut Weetbix 400g
  • Lower Cholesterol Weetbix 440g
  • Weetbix Blends Oat Bran 500g
  • Weetbix Blends Multi Grain 575g
  • Weetbix Blends Cranberry & Coconut 450g
  • Skippy Cornflakes 300g
  • Skippy Cornflakes 500g
  • Rice Bubbles Ricies 275g
  • Rice Bubbles Ricies 460g
  • Weetbix Bites Wildberry 500g
  • Weetbix Bites Honey 510g
  • Weetbix Bites Apricot 500g
  • Go Wild Berry Burst Breakfast Biscuits 250g
  • Go Honey & Oat Crunch Breakfast Biscuits 250g
  • Honey Puffs 425g
  • Honey Puffs Oaty Crunch 380g
  • Sanitarium Breakfast Cereal 8 Pack 265g
  • Light N Tasty Berry Fruits Cereal 500g
  • Light N Tasty Macadamia 410g
  • Light N Tasty Apricot 525g
  • Toasted Muesli Golden Oats & Fruit 675g
  • Granola Cocoa & Roasted Hazelnut 370g
  • Granola Canadian Maple & Raspberry 370g

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