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Wattie's Canned Foods

Wattie's - is hands down one of New Zealand's favourite brands. It's the taste that Kiwis know and love. To be used as a meal or to add flavour to your favourite dishes. Wattie's Canned Foods is available in many different variations for your convenience.

Wattie's Canned Foods includes :

  • Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce 420g
  • Baked Beans With Sausages 420g
  • Mild Chilli Beans 420g
  • Medium Salsa Chilli Beans 420g
  • Hot Chilli Beans 420g
  • Spaghetti In Tomato Sauce 420g
  • Spaghetti With Sausages 420g
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs 420g
  • Spaghetti In Cheesy Tomato Sauce 420g
  • Corn Cream Style 410g
  • Corn Whole Kernel 410g
  • Vanilla 99% Fat-Free Creamed Rice 420g
  • Green Beans Sliced 410g
  • Red Kidney Beans In Spring Water 400g
  • Sliced Beetroot 450g
  • Tomatoes Chopped In Juice 400g
  • Crushed & Sieved Tomatoes 400g
  • Tomatoes Chopped In Puree 400g
  • Tomatoes Mexican Style 400g
  • Traditional Pasta Sauce Original 420g
  • Traditional Pasta Sauce Garlic 420g
  • Tomato Sauce 575g
  • Lite Tomato Sauce 560g
  • Sliced Peaches In Clear Fruit Juice 410g
  • Sliced Peaches With No Added Sugar 400g
  • Pick Of The Crop Sliced Peaches In Light Syrup 410g
  • Apricot Halves In Clear Juice 410g
  • Fruit Salad In Clear Fruit Juice 410g
  • Pear Quarters In Clear Fruit Juice 410g
  • Pear Quarters With No Added Sugar 400g
  • Boysenberries In Syrup 425g
  • Big Eat All Day Breakfast 410g
  • Big Eat Ravioli Bolognese 410g
  • Condensed Tomato Soup 420g
  • Condensed Creamy Mushroom Soup 420g
  • Condensed Creamy Pumpkin Soup 420g
  • Condensed Creamy Chicken Soup 420g
  • Very Special Creamy Pumpkin Soup 535g
  • Very Special Creamy Tomato Soup 535g
  • Just Add Chicken Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce 535g
  • Just Add Sausage Devilled Sausages Simmer Sauce 550g
  • Just Add Mince Hearty Savoury Simmer Sauce 550g
  • Just Add Mince Simmer Sauce Cottage Pie 535g
  • Curry Sauce Creamy Butter Chicken Mild 405g



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